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What is Transmedia Storytelling?

person on laptop and phone

What is Transmedia Storytelling?

Caleb Durland April 14, 2019

Almost every successful brand uses multiple platforms to promote their brand. To properly promote the brand and to engage its audience, the brand must successfully use transmedia storytelling. I am going to talk about one company in particular that has executed this very well and that company is Airbnb.

Airbnb is a rental company where travelers can go to rent a place to stay instead of going to a hotel. People who want to rent a place out can place it on Airbnb and customers would have the choice to choose if they wanted to stay in that place. It is a really convenient service that they provide and their marketing makes it a very personalized experience.

Starting on their website, I would say that the feel is very bright and homey. The experience is meant for people to feel just like they are at home. After I made an account if I wanted to search for a place to stay, I was greeted with a “What can we help you find, Caleb?” Then they let me search for a place to stay based on the house I wanted, based on the restaurants I wanted near bt, or based on the activities that I wanted nearby. This setup really makes me feel like I am in control and that its really personalized.

There is a page on their website that is dedicated to the stories of people who use Airbnb. These stories provide a personal attraction because of the feelings people have about the company on the videos. Airbnb is getting content out of its users and that’s what makes for a great, interactive story. Once a company gets users to start creating content for them, it creates a fun and interactive world that the users are a part of and that forms a personal connection.

Moving on to the actual marketing that is done by Airbnb, I want to first look at their Facebook page. On the page they have promotional videos, videos of normal people, and videos of celebrities promoting the company. They all are directed at the viewer, including them in the experience. Users comment feedback and experience on the posts and Airbnb replies to some of them. This gives the company a personal relationship with their users. They also have posted pictures of some of their users along with a brief overview of their story in the caption and a link to their whole story. Their company really focuses on human interactions.

Now let’s take a look at Airbnb’s Twitter. On their Twitter, they have a lot of the same posts as their Facebook page, but on Twitter, they are retweeting peoples’ tweets that mention Airbnb. This invites people to talk about their experience with the company and also to tell their own stories. It is interesting on Twitter because there is a character limit, so users tell about their experience about briefly. Twitter provides more of a personal connection than Facebook does so Airbnb uses it very frequently.

Looking through Airbnb’s Instagram, I instantly notice that it is less about the people and more about the places. Their posts consist of scenic photos of places that their customers can stay. Some posts have cool experiences that customers can take advantage of when they stay with Airbnb. The posts don’t receive as many interactions as other platforms, but it gives the company a good visual presence on social media.

The three platforms of social media all tie in together to tell the same story. Airbnb has its own theme that they stick to throughout their content on all of their social media. Everything is meant to relate to the users on a personal standpoint.

Overall, the company tells a great story with all of its social media accounts. Each one tells its own type of story that helps tell the big story. Airbnb is a very good example for transmedia storytelling.

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