typing on a keyboard in dark room

Deep Web

typing on a keyboard in dark room

Deep Web

Caleb Durland October 22, 2018


The deep web is an interesting place, to say the least. It is filled with a wide range of content and even encompasses ninety percent of the internet’s information. However, the deep web has been given a bad connotation over the years. But, is the deep web really all that bad? Since it is anonymous, companies can use it in a handful of different ways. Therefore, my question is, is the deep web a place that could benefit our business as well as our customers?

Everyone has probably experienced the surface web at some time. Many people use it every single day. The surface web is accessed by the typical browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox. Only ten percent of the whole internet’s information is found on the surface web. That is a shocking number since the surface web is all most of us have ever known. Research can be done via search engines like Google and Yahoo. In today’s society, research is an essential part of businesses and Google only has access to four percent of the entire internet’s information. Businesses may not be aware of this and could be missing out on information that could make or break the company. The deep web has anonymous search engines that have access to a large amount of information compared to Google. It also offers a secure way to research sensitive information without a worry about anyone tracking it. Some research that businesses need is information that could be illegal or information that has been censored by the government. The deep web allows people to bypass that censorship that is present on the surface web.

Now let’s talk about the deep web. The deep web is a very large and mysterious place. It can be accessed through the TOR network, which stands for “the onion router”. The TOR network is where the deep web gets its anonymity. Many people have given it a bad name over the years. It has been associated with crime because of the many people who use its anonymity to their advantage. People will put their criminal businesses on the deep web and they cannot be traced. They still need to be careful about how much information they put out there because some of their content could still help authorities stop them. Crimes like child pornography, drug dealing, hired hitmen, and selling illegal guns are all present on the deep web.

One of the biggest contributors to the illegal trade market on the deep web was the silk road. The silk road was named after an ancient trade route from the Han Dynasty era that connected Europe to East Asia. The deep web’s silk road had a system that people could easily access illegal goods and have a safe transaction. This could be viewed as a good thing in some ways. It kept people from participating in sketchy meetings that could easily go wrong. The silk road was eliminating the life-threatening factor to these illegal trades. It could also be seen as a good thing because it was on the internet where authorities could view it and find a way to stop it, which they eventually did. Overall, these illegal trades are a big reason why the deep web has a bad reputation. People just need to realize that anything they put on the internet, deep web or not, could leave traces of them.

The deep web is a sanctuary of knowledge. “The deep web stores the largest virtual libraries you could possibly imagine. It is a great space for researchers, students and teachers” (Nwankwo). Ninety percent of the information on the internet is contained by the deep web. Research is taken to a whole new level when people open up the deep web. The deep web is not a bad place. It will only give people what they go there for. However, they still need to be somewhat cautious while surfing the deep web but is a place full of answers to anything people could be looking for.

Companies all over the world can benefit from using the deep web. Anonymity is something that many people today strive for with the oppressive governments and the amount of technology out there that can potentially keep surveillance on them. People like to feel safe and have a piece of mind. The deep web can provide that for their users. Companies can use that to their advantage. If there are certain services their consumers don’t necessarily want an outsider to know about, they can use the deep web. This would allow the consumers to have a piece of mind when dealing with the company and would likely come back to do business again because they feel like they are cared for by the company.

Companies can also conduct their research on the deep web. This would be smart because of the amount of information that resides in the deep web. “what they can find in the deep net will more probably not be available from standard search engines” (Nwankwo). They would have an extreme edge on any company relying on Google for its information. They could also research information that might be censored by governments.

Censorship is a real problem in today’s society. Internet service providers are blocking domains from their users. Even everyday people are being affected by this. The TOR network bypasses these restrictions set by internet service providers making it be the number one reason why average people surf the deep web. This also goes along with freedom of speech that is a right given to us as Americans. Censorship is along the lines of being unconstitutional and the deep web provides a safe place for any kind of speech. There is no censorship and if users want to remain anonymous, they can.

So, how can this help our company? This can help our company lift ourselves up above our competitors. By using the deep web for our companies’ daily routine, we would be setting ourselves ahead of the competition in several different ways. Our company should do the main part of its research on the deep web. It’s a no-brainer because ninety percent of the information on the internet is contained by the deep web. There is no reason we should be conducting the majority of our research on the other ten percent. By doing this, our technology and ideas will develop at a much faster rate. The opportunities are endless when our company becomes the most technologically advanced.

Another reason why our company should use the deep web is that we could also communicate with our customers in a private space. Sometimes customers have questions about things they do not want to be attached to their name. In some cases, they may not want products they have purchased attached to their name. Just because the deep web is a place where illegal products can be purchased does not mean legal products cannot be sold on the deep web.

Finally, our company can protect itself on the deep web. The company can try to keep tabs on its employees making sure they are not using the company’s services for their own personal interest, in turn, hurting the company. This could easily be done if the company was not involved in the deep web.

As a company, it would be strides forward to implement the deep web into the company. There is a bad connotation to the deep web, but if companies like us use it to become a successful company, others will too. Success is contagious and people will follow. The deep web could become a place where everyday business is done. Do you want to be on the profiting side of this huge change?

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