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Debugging the Gender Gap

boy and girl

Debugging the Gender Gap

Caleb Durland October 1, 2018

The documentary “Code: Debugging the Gender Gap” is very eye opening to anyone who watches it. It doesn’t matter what perspective you’re looking at it. It is simply eye opening. Many of the people who watch it may have a slight knowing that there are some imbalances in the computer field. Females are not well represented in the job. Men dominate the field in numbers and in powerful positions. This can make it hard for young women that want to make it in that field. That is why documentaries, like this one, are made. This documentary was made to bring forward an issue that many people knew of but did not care enough to actually bring it to the surface. People just let it sit in the shadows and it had been left alone for years.

“Code: Debugging the Gender Gap” went into great detail of the history of the computer field. The amount of women that were involved in the evolution of the internet was emphasized. According to the documentary, women have a slightly different way of seeing the world. Men and women have two completely different outlooks. Therefore, since men dominate the field, many of the new ideas are only seen from a male’s perspective. This can cause problems if women ever need to understand some of these new ideas. The documentary explained how it was important for women to be a part of these processes in creating new technology for the world to use. If the male and female perspectives are included, then the product is mare likely to be completely universal. As the world evolves, so does the technology. Females need to continue to be heard in the tech world. If they are not, technology could evolve into something that is difficult for women to use witch would create a handicap for an entire gender because the world will soon be run by computers.

As a young female that is interested in the computer field, it can be hard to take the steps necessary for them to succeed. Without the proper representation in the industry, it can be difficult for young women to become motivated to follow through with their aspirations. Many people require to see someone they can relate to that has had the success that they want to achieve. As a woman, it is hard to find that role model to look up to. In some cases it has driven these children away from their dreams. They had to settle for a career that was accepted by society. This can go both ways as well. Men can find themselves aspiring to be successful in a female dominated career path. People like to find these role models because they need a sense of security. They need to know that what they want to accomplish is actually possible.

This documentary opened my eyes to several different things. It actually helped me understand myself more as well. I realized that I am one of those people that need a sense of security. I need to see someone who has had success before me. For me that has been my Uncle Ben. He is designing applications and web pages like I aspire to do. I have noticed that I have secretly watched him over the years and am trying to model myself after him. He has been a true inspiration for me.

Another issue that this documentary brought to the surface for me was how society looks at genders differently. Society has a set image of males and females. There are differences between the two genders but they can still both achieve most of the same tasks. At a young age, girls are exposed to this separation of genders. Although it may seem harsh that girls and boys are treated differently as children, it is part of society and it has been that way for years. Girls were given compliments and toys that help build themselves up while boys are given constructive criticism and toys that teach them how to create. Young girls need to be encouraged to create new things at a young age.

When I came into class for the first time, I was shocked by the number of girls that were in my computer classes. I used to think the same way as this documentary said most people think. My point of view has changed drastically. I realized how much we need women to be represented in the computer field. Once we achieve a balance, everything will run so smoothly. Women will create for women and men will create for men, and the products will become universal to all people. Once products become universal to all people, the sky is the limit to how much can be achieved.

After being exposed to all of this material, I have learned to take a step back and look at things with someone else’s perspective. I have really started to build my top strength in empathy because of the knowledge exposed to me through this documentary. I am excited to explore this topic more. Once I become knowledgeable on the subject, I can begin to help others see what everyone else sees. Once everyone can see things from each other’s perspective, there will be no problems in trying to create universal products. Everyone will be able to understand each other. The world would take strides in the right direction to becoming a safer place.

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